Monday, April 20, 2009

inyourhonor ditl - 4/18/09

My day starts out with me going to bed. This is late for me since Dane gets up early.

Go to bed to the Golden Girls

Several hours later and a break in between to get a Dane, he is up and happily squealing in my ears. I love this sound, just not at the hour it happens. He's lucky he's cute!

Dane is in the bouncy chair so I can take the anxious Gannon out to potty. Grimm is nowhere to be found.

Time check... I'm seriously not a morning person. I'm slowly adjusting to Dane's early bird tendencies. 

Baby is content in the bouncy, I check the webs for a bit.

The toilet paper battle.. I'm losing. But tell me how hard it is to remove the old one and put on the new one?! I hope a poo fairy hits Jason one day and he gets it. Till then, i'm on strike. Yes, I know I'm losing it haha.

Boob the baby.. this was the only nursing shot all day he'd sit still enough for.

Dane is down for a nap. He doesn't look it, but he is tired haha.

Gage is up. He is not a morning person like mama.. Dane is an early bird, mama has to adjust. Gage didn't haha.

Morning medicine. Twice a day.. blah

Attack this so it..

.. becomes this!

Gage goes Bananas for Bananas!

Today's main plans! I am being featured (birth photos of Dane) in a VBAC seminar.

Give the toddler milk

Make the BBQ sauce for the country ribs

Start the ribs. It's 9am (we ate dinner at 630pm..), can't wait!

Vacuum the floors, I seriously hate, hate, HATE carpet.

It's clean, I later while looking at these photos noticed some flaws

Gannon has to potty, repeat 40x a day

Dress the toddler

Ohh! Little D is up from his nap :)

How can you not love a face like this? Dane being a cutie

My boys being oh-so-cute

Daddy dressed baby

On our way, we first drop Gage off with Grandma

There's an hour break in between the two seminars, so we head up the street to a local restaurant we like.

We're back and off to the Cesarean awareness and VBAC fact seminar! My birth photos are featured here!

On the road home

The dancing Domino boy.. he actually could dance haha

Time check

Stop at the grocery store, I need flour for the mac and cheese

Both boys are down for a nap (short lived..) so Jase and I watch "My Big Redneck Wedding"

and cuddle..

Then finish 'Baby Mama' 

Start making the homemade macaroni and cheese..

Grimm inspects Dane. The rare appearance of Grimm today

The country ribs are literally falling apart. I drool at the thought, yum

watch some "Everybody Loves Raymond" while waiting for dinner to finish cooking

Homemade macaroni and cheese is done! It looked and tasted soo good

Daddy gives Gage a bath

Daddy shows off the cuteness of teh babiez

2nd medicine intake of the day

Brusha brusha brusha

End the day by reading the interwebs. Both boys were asleep, time to relax!


  1. There is too much cuteness in your boys, Marisa!! I hope you had a great day at the seminar:)

  2. Great pictures! I loved seeing another of your DiTL! Your boys are so stinkin' cute!